Young T Makes A Big Announcement

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By  | Jun 24, 2021, 03:17 PM 

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Young T, whose real name is, Tulina Ndafyaalako, has teased his fans with his upcoming album. The musician has been in the game for several years now and he continues to leave his legion of fans mesmerized by her talent.

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Taking to his Instagram account today, the controversial artist who's been bringing the heat announced the exciting news that he will soon release his album and revealed his upcoming album cover artwork to his ecstatic fans.

The album is titled The Re-Election and it will be available on the market next week. It is unclear who be featured on the album and worked with. Young T encouraged his followers to support him as usual and many cannot wait for this album to drop.

Young T's latest album is GBV Defeated and he released it on Friday, 25 March 2021. The album highlights the social injustices that have been polluting the African content.

Young T is one of Namibia's most controversial artists. He has hogged the headlines on numerous occasions with his scandals. He is never scared to call out fellow industry colleagues.

He recently landed himself in hot soup after he was accused of stealing a song. UnWrap recently reported that he was facing a copyright infringement lawsuit that was laid against him at the Windhoek High Court. According to the publication, Eben-Ezer Choir was suing him N$80 000 for apparently changing their song Ndapandula. Young T dropped the banger in 2019 and the choir claims it recorded its original version song in 2012.

The musician took to his Instagram to react to the allegations and mocked the choir for suing him after 3 years, "Wow. After three years? 80k?? I think I'm going to prison you guys! I don't have any money or anything else to give. Please start sending me books to read in jail," he shared.

In 2019 he accused King Tee Dee of apparently bewitching him. He later apologized to the rapper. In a screenshot, he shared their conversation reads, "Bro I just wanna apologize for my recent writings. It was a bad conception that I doubt I even knew it would probably have damaged your reputation." King Tee Responded by saying this is? And he replied by saying "I'm not even begging for forgiveness; I just want it off my chest. bad energy eats up people."

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