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Making the world a better place has never looked so easy

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Young T Wokongha 

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If you are an Instagram lover, you must have run into two or three of Young T's Ted talks on economic emancipation and political freedom. The award-winning star seems to be very invested in current affairs and always inspiring his followers on hot topics. Achieving the Namibian dream has never been easy with chaps like Young T.

This is however not all he is up to now. Between his takes on matters of the country, he still manages to put in hours in the studio and makes hits. The lyrical genius released his single titled Efiku Lonena from his upcoming EP  titled 'I Am Mansa Musa' after the first African ruler to be widely known throughout Europe and the Middle East, and is regarded as the richest person to have ever lived. In the song, Young T sings of being happy on this day as he woke up with a heart full of love and no one should ruin it with bad vibes.

Young T, the owner of UGU Audio productions also solved one of the many problems that the artists based in northern Namibia have been facing for years, which was the lack of quality recording studios. The Fikulimwe singer opened up a production studio in Eenhana which will hopefully mean that artists will no longer have to travel to Windhoek to record. Young T also shared the amazing news of creating a platform for talented producer ChakiBeats to do what he loves. He shared the news in a caption on Instagram with the caption:

"UGU Audio commercial studio is finally open for clients in Eenhana. ChakiBeats is officially the first producer signed under UGU Audio and I am the assistant producer. Also, our prices are extremely low in comparison with the product that we will give you. $ 400.00 for a beat, $ 400.00 for the vocals and mixing. Call Chaki on ‭0812968063‬ and book your session today."

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Young T who hails from Ongha got bitten by the music bug in 2013 when he was gifted by his brother with 50 Cents Get Rich Or Die Trying album. He is dabbed as one of the best lyricists of his era as he has a way with words. The Itandiinomo singer says the wait for the EP will soon be over as it will be released at the end of the month of May.

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Judging from Efiku Lonena and all his previous work it is no doubt that the EP will be a hit!

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