"You Are A National Treasure, You Should Be Unshakable"

The First Lady encourages Top Cheri to not allow the negativity to break her

By  | Mar 15, 2021, 03:19 PM 

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Our very own First Lady Monica Geingos, has encouraged multi-award-winning rapper Top Cheri, to keep her head up high and mize the negativity.

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It is no secret that the rapper has had an eventful career in the industry. Ever since she rose to superstardom she has been releasing timeless hits and she always leaves her legion of fans mesmerized by her talent. Although sometimes haters drag her on social media she remains unshaken or retaliates.

In a series of Instagram stories Top Cheri, shared " My First told me to my face: You are a national treasure. You should be unshakable"

Top Cheri shared the same sentiments and said she was right because no one can ever shake her.
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Top Cheri has been going through it all. Recently she shook her fans after she announcing that she was quitting music. "I am glad I walked the journey, the experience was beautiful when it was. I will always be grateful to everybody who helped me in the journey! Producers, my dancers, and mostly the fans that fell in love with my music. It was beautiful and I will cherish every moment," she wrote.

She later released a statement on social media apologizing and said she is struggling with depression and the toxicity in the industry.

"Apologize for that premature announcement on Thursday regarding “Quitting”. Like many other, if not all entertainers, I have been fighting battles with depressions and battles of normalizing and adjusting to the new normal. Nobody wants to talk about it, I guess because ... in Namibia mental health is a “sensitive issue."

The musician and the First Lady recently met to discuss Top Cheri's proposal to work with her. This follows after she revealed that he is working on a women's empowerment track and she would love to have her involved in it.

"I had such an amazing time today! I took the First Lady out for lunch and we spoke for three whole hours! What a force! It’s indeed going to be a good 2021! Let’s buckle up. 😎😊🤞🏾,"

It is beautiful to see the First Lady showing her some love and promoting women's empowerment.  In a powerful video on International Women's Day, the First Lady slammed cyberbullies who have been slut-shaming her and calling her stupid, empty-headed in a bid to end societal norms which condone hate against women.

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