Who's The Greatest Musician Of All Time?

Pick your fighter!

By  | May 07, 2021, 05:48 PM 

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Have you ever asked yourself who's Namibia's greatest all-time favorite musician? Well, there is no denying that we are blessed with talented and celebrated musicians, who have been working hard to raise the Namibian flag high in other countries.

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These artists will leave you mesmerized by their talents and their music is timeless. Whether they released it in the '90s or in the '20s  we are still jamming to their songs.

We decided to do a poll and ask you who you think is Namibia's all-time favorite musician? The list includes the likes of award-winning musician Top Cheri, Lioness, King Tee Dee, and Gazza. Please vote for your favorite musician below.
How have these musicians changed the game?

1. TopCheri.

Homegirl has cemented herself as one of Namibia's top female rappers. The journalist-turned rapper has been in the industry for several years now and she has garnered a massive following on social media. TopCheri rose to superstardom after dropping several of her popular songs such as ‘Calling Heaven’, ‘Goodman’, ‘Hangover’, and more. Ever since she has worked with several brands, released albums and won the hearts of many people.

2. Lioness

The musician dabbles as a fashionista, rapper, and businesswoman. She made an appearance on the first Coca-Cola Studio Session for 2019 with SA star Boity. Last year she released her album title Wish You Were Here.

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3. King Tee Dee

The musician has been in the game for decades now and he knows just how to play the game. He has won several awards and he remains relevant to date after several years of not releasing any album.

Formerly known to many as The Dogg, King Tee Dee kicked off his musical career in 2003 and has managed to remain one of the top-selling artists in Namibia.

In a tweet in 2020, he hinted at retiring from the music scene when he tweeted, "Personally I feel like I achieved all I wanted in music. Currently, I'm not really inspired to record music, Tate Buti was Lucky to get me in the studio which I just did 10 minutes recording & left. I feel like doing something new totally out of music that can challenge me."

4. Gazza

He is one of the country's most sought-after musicians. Gazza recently scooped the Artist of the Decade Award at the final Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMA) Ceremony. He has released numerous albums and he is one of the country's best-selling artists.

Pick your fave!

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