'If You Can't Pay Me, Don't Book Me!'

Top Cheri and Lioness Put Their Feet Down

By  | Apr 30, 2019, 04:00 PM

It seems like there are people who are not doing their job correctly and are misleading artists in the music business and Lioness and Top Cheri have had enough. The two stars who are very vocal, which is one thing we love about them know their rights and want things to be done in a certain way when it comes to them.

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All we can say is that you do not mess around with anyone's bread and because of this, Lioness and Top Cheri have decided that they will not perform at any event from now on with the full agreed on payment does not reflect in their accounts.

This was said on twitter where Lioness tweeted that she and Top Cheri have performed at three different events which they are yet to receive payment for. Eventually, Lioness ended tweeted about event organizers and work ethics that she would expect from them where money and booking her are involved.

Her tweets read
" So if you can’t pay me when I expect payment don’t book me."

The Meme singer who also attended South African and fellow Coke Studio artist Boity Thulo the past weekend had a lot of support being backed by other artists including ML.

Lioness, before she ended off her ted talk to attend the next spoke about how she will not be anything less than vocal staying that she will not stand for anything less.

It indeed does seem like dawn has broken and the new artists are challenging norms and systems that don't benefit them. Lioness has in the past received backlash for walking away from performance due to technical issues and how they were not addressed professionally. Settling for nothing but perfection should be the song to be sung in the industry in order to elevate the game.

Keep changing the status quo Lioness!

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Main image credit: Lioness