Zahara Cries On Metro FM

Zahara Cries On Metro FM

Apr 11, 2019, 01:00 PM

If you haven't already caught on to this story, South African songstress, Zahara is on a mission to expose everybody who has done her dirty in the music industry - specifically her label, TS Records. The songbird wants every cent of the millions she's owed and the situation became so dire that she actually broke down on national radio while describing it.

On Wednesday Zahara appeared on Metro FM's The Afternoon Drive where she spoke to Mo Flava and Pearl Shongwe about her struggles with her record label. She's been on a rampage this week, calling out her label owners TK NCiza and DJ Sbu, but her interview with Metro FM took things to another level.

Not only did she speak about the royalties she was owed, but she revealed the lengths she would sometimes go to protect her integrity in an attempt to force TK Records to pay the money she was owed.

Speaking to Mo Flava and Pearl she revealed how sometimes she wouldn't pitch for shows, saying:

"I would end up not pitching to shows, but I didn't know that I was damaging myself. I would ask myself 'why do I go? go and sing and work there? But I have to plea for my own money".

Much has been said about the measly R10,000 she would often receive for her performances. She told Mo Flava that she would even have to beg for the money to be paid into her account months after a performance, despite her various financial obligations.

It was at this point in the interview that she broke down in tears and Mo Flava had to give her a moment to compose herself before she continued. Watch how it all unfolded below:

That was only the beginning She also added that her relationships with brands suffered because her label was collecting all of the money she was earning from ambassadorial deals. She said on air:

"I was gigging 24/7, I could have been saving and investing. I became the ambassador for Nedbank if you remember. Even with that money it went to TS Records and they pay me at their own time. It was never from Nedbank straight to me. 

Many people on social media have had a lot to say about the treatment that Zahara has received at TS Records and it's safe to say that there's very little sympathy reserved for DJ Sbu and co:

We have no idea how this particular saga is going to end, all we know is that we have deep sympathy for Zahara. Do you think she should take legal action against TS Records?

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