What About His Victim’s Privacy – Witbeen Ex-Lover

What About His Victim’s Privacy – Witbeen Ex-Lover

May 09, 2019, 09:28 AM

Leonard Witbeen’s ex-lover identified only whom he had dated since April last year has denied posting the video clips on Pornhub as the celebrity has claimed.

John* also mentioned that Witbeen in the past posted an intimate picture of them online without his consent saying he finds it strange the Witbeen  says his privacy was violated when he was the very person who recorded people during sexual acts without their knowledge.

“The biggest concern to me wasn’t about taking those videos, but about discovering that he was not protected during those acts of his. I spent that Sunday with him without using protection. My biggest concern was that Leonard was involved with multiple people without my knowledge. He recorded their acts without their consent and his actions have put me and the partners of those people he was sleeping with in danger of contracting STDs and HIV and that is my biggest concern right now,” said John.

Witbeen found himself in the eye of a storm when video clips which he recorded during sexual encounters with several men who were unaware of the recording landed on Pornhub.

In New Era newspaper report he accused his ex-lover of loading the videos out of spite because they broke up three weeks ago.

However,  John said nothing is further to the truth adding that he was so hurt to discover the clips of a man he thought was committed only to him.
John admitted seeing the video clips on Witbeen’s laptop when he was alone at home during a visit to Witbeen.

“The uploading is a sketchy business, but because I was the one who had discovered it on his laptop he is making the assumption that I have uploaded them which I didn’t do.”
John told Unwrap that when he discovered the video clips he was alone at home while Witbeen was at work and he wanted to use the laptop to watch some series. He left Windhoek the same Monday very disappointed. 

“I left Namibia on Monday after realizing that all this while I assumed we were in a committed relationship and now these discovered videos depict those types of situations with other people even before and during dating. Even from the initial day we started dating as some clips were date stamped late in April,” he said.

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