Selma Kamanya Declines Invitation

Selma Kamanya Declines Invitation

Jul 08, 2019, 04:15 PM

Reigning beauty pageant queen 2018, Miss Selma Kamanya revealed on her Instagram stories that she wasn't going to be attending the 2019 Miss Namibia pageant to hand over the crown.

Which would seem a little crazy, seeing as it is tradition. But Selma and the Namibian beauty pageant committee do have less than a savory history.

Miss Kamanya voiced out her disgruntled journey with the Nambian beauty pageant committee. Late last month, the queen mentioned to press that she has little to no support while being Miss Namibia 2018.

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Selma revealed on her Instagram stories that she was not going to be attending the 2019 Miss Namibia pageant to hand over the crown.
Screenshot of Selma Kamanya's IG Story

Soon after she revealed her ordeal with Miss Namibia other Miss Namibia personalities also shared their worst experiences with the pageant. Some of the previous winners said they were verbally abused and body-shamed by the Miss Namibia Show organizers if they did not meet certain specifications aligned with the Miss Namibia brand.

The Managing Director of the Miss Namibia Joint Venture Conny Maritz rejected claims by incumbent Miss Namibia Selma Kamanya that she was emotionally and financially abused during her reign.

Conny Maritz spoke to The Namibian and issued a statement in response to Miss Selma Kamanya's decision to decline her role to pass the crown to this years queen.

We have said it before and say again that if anyone enters the Miss Namibia competition in the expectation that it will only be a life of glitter and glamour and that she will be cuddled in adulation, extravagant luxury or riches and use her title to seek personal wealth, she is sadly mistaken and should not bother at all.

Although the event took place this past weekend, it is disheartening to see that the previous and the new queen could not exchange that moment of congratulations is also unfortunate that the committee and Miss Salma could not reach a moment of understanding before the event.

Hopefully the new queen's journey will be less tumultuous than Kamanya's year long journey and Nalebrity wishes her congratulations and good luck.

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