Otto Kapuka On Third Book

Otto Kapuka On Third Book

Jun 05, 2019, 11:44 AM

With the Namibian book industry booming and more authors are now coming out with genuine relate-able stories, Nalebrity this week sat with radio presenter, motivational speaker and author Otto Kapuka to chat about his newly launched book titled 'Everything is War'.

The sky is the limit for the author as he talks about launching another book soon.

Last year, you launched your first book titled 'Unleashing and Honouring your Invisible  Contract', how are the sales of the book doing so far?

The first book was sold out last-year.  We had printed 500 copies and got sold out within the first  eight to nine months. We decided to revise it and now its out again and doing extremely well together with the second book.

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What were some of the major challenges experienced throughout the second book?

Money to publish the book and distributing across the country as we don't have a lot of  local owned book shops.The ones available, we have to go through South African owners for example.

How was the second book received and what is the book all about?

It was received well, We sold more than 100 copies at the launch and we probably have sold more than 300 countrywide. Everyday someone is asking for the book. We might sell out by end of this year again or before that.

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The book is about the steps one can take in life to become successful.  We all know that becoming successful takes time, energy and sacrifices. Individuals might define what success means to them before they embark on a journey which in return might save them money and time, however, the issues of procrastination, finding excuses and inability to deal with failures have paralyzed our dreams and therefore i wrote this book for individuals who are struggling  to overcome issues that are happening in their lives. If you have projects that you want to implement or you are in search of overcoming debts, emotional suffering victoriously, and trust issues, I urge you to read this book.

What were some of the major highlights ever since you became an author?

Having a chapter from my book being used in the English book for the grade ten and eleven in Secondary schools. That was definitely one of the biggest highlights. Being able to influence people in a positive way through my writing and receiving feedback on the impact, that is an amazing feeling.

Selling out as an author in Namibia is a milestone. There are people out there having their copies at their homes, but as for me, I appreciate the support from people out there.

Lastly, being able to tell Namibian stories that people can relate to. Creating a reading culture among the youth.

Any plans for the third book?

Yes, definitely, we are busy with it already.
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