NBC News Anchor Spotted On Pornhub

NBC News Anchor Spotted On Pornhub

May 02, 2019, 01:12 PM

Namibian Broadcasting news anchor Leonard Witbeen has recently been spotted on Pornhub having sex with another young man and the video has been making headlines on social media for the past two days.

Witbeen being the hot topic did not impress many as they continue insulting him whilst  suggesting he gets fired.

Witbeen who is currently on the hot seat has been facing insults on social media people commenting saying he is an ‘idiot’ and a shameful citizen.

A few people also commended on the video labelling him as a disgrace to men and to the Namibian people at large, while a handful defended him saying  it is  his right to do whatever he pleases with his personal life.

According to research, the video was uploaded on the 27th of April 2019 and he had secretly recorded the video himself with a laptop.

Just when we thought it was over, another video was posted on a Whatsapp group this morning of him being sexually involved again with another married man.

A few comments read “if this NBC TV presenter and so called celebrity is recording people in sex acts without their knowledge and publicly uploading videos on Pornhub, please report him. I just saw his discussing porn videos. It should be considered as a sexual assault crime.’

Meanwhile another person blamed the broadcaster saying that the reason why he does not watch NBC is because they do not have protocol.

“There is no order in that house, for those saying what happens at home has anything to do with your work or whatever, think twice and stop fooling people,” he stressed.

Rumours also had it that Witbeen has 24 more unreleased sex videos that he plans to sell to Pornhub.

Witbeen could not be reached at this moment as his phone remained unreachable.

The comments further read “What a disgrace, why do you eat rats and cats, what is wrong with you, are you not supposed to be married.”

According to a few journalist, Witbeen is currently married and the partner seemed to be going through a rough time stomaching what his hubby has been up to.

Although the NBC has not released a press statement about Witbeen’s scandal yet, he might just get disciplined for dragging the biggest broadcaster’s name in the mud or perhaps let it slide.

Witbeen worked at First National Bank (FNB) before moving to NBC and has studied at the University of Namibia (UNAM)

He was  last seen on  Facebook on the 30th of April 2019.

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Main Image credit: Facebook/Leornard Witbeen

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