Nadja Breytenbach Takes The Crown

Nadja Breytenbach Takes The Crown

Jul 08, 2019, 01:35 PM

Nadja Breytenbach walked away with the Miss Namibia 2019 title during a glitz and glamour beauty pageant that took place in Windhoek the past weekend.

Julita-Kitwe Mbangula was chosen as the first runner-up while Johanna Swartbooi was selected the second runner-up.

According to informante, Breytenbach will, amongst others travel to Miami for a training course with Namibia’s renowned beauty queen and former Miss Universe Michelle McLean.

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Nadja wore the modernized crown designed by the jewelers of Morse Investments, a subsidiary of Trustco Resources.

Samuel Shinedima and VM6 were few of the artists who performed during the pageant.

Although the event has seen many Namibians excited to meet their new Miss Namibia 2019, a few people were not so happy about the event in general.

Peeps took it to social media saying that the event was poorly organized, pointing fingers at Namibia's National Broadcaster (NBC).

'Was Miss Namibia shot with a phone?" she questioned.

Public figure Roux-che Locke also expressed her disappointment on facebook saying that the Master of Ceremonies seemed to be high on drugs.

Many were really left unimpressed, but either way, congratulations to Nadja Breytenbach, Miss Namibia 2019.

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'I'm A Strong Black Woman'

Main image credit: Informante
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Rosalia David

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