Mixed Emotions Over NAMA Judges

When Do We Use Our Own People?

By  | Jun 11, 2019, 02:26 PM

Local Namibians have criticized the Namibian Music Awards (NAMAs) panel of judges saying that they preferred more local judges than international adjudicators.

This comes after the Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) company announced the selected judges for the 2019 annual music awards yesterday on all social media platforms.

A few people felt that it would only be fair for all musicians who entered the competition to be judged by 100% Namibian citizens who have equipped themselves with the knowledge of the original Namibian sound.

While many others have applauded MTC for including foreign judges on the panel.

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Here are some of the comments.

"How do we expect people from Kenya to do justice while they don't understand most of the words which many artists sing in their vernacular,".

"Cancel the whole #Nama2019"

"Please let us fans vote our artists pls those judge never buy our artists cd for real."

These are the judges for the NAMA 2019

Axali Doeseb  (Namibia)

Che Ulenga (Namibia)

Alma  Ulamba (Namibia)

Lischen Khachas   (Namibia)

Sean Watson  (South Africa)

Yvonne Chaka Chaka (South Africa)

Jazmine Dotiwala (United Kingdom)

Morgan Heritage   (USA / Jamaica)

Sammy Forson  (Ghana)

Somoina Kimojino  (Kenya)

Sammy Thuo (Kenya)

What do you think?

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 Main Photo Credit: Facebook/ NAMAs