Lady Dyna Moves To The U.K

Lady Dyna Moves To The U.K

Jun 18, 2019, 05:07 PM

Lady Dyna, Namibian multiple award-winning Gospel artist, D-Naff's wife is relocating to the United Kingdom. 

According to her husband, Lady Dyna is in London for work. Lady Dyna is a full-time social worker. “Lady Dyna will be in London for a few years. Her plan at the moment is to not stay there forever. She plans to come back once her work there is complete,” D-Naff said.

D-Naff further said that he will constantly travel to London to visit her there. “She is my wife and we must be together as often as we can,” D-Naff said.

On Fathers Day Lady Dyna shared a very emotional yet inspiring message on social media, for D-Naff. “Let me take this opportunity to celebrate and honor my husband and father to my children, as we memorialize Fathers Day. You are the perfect personification of reliability, a symbol of sacrifice. You are the ultimate. Your presence is requested. Your presence is contagious. Your presence is overall dope.”

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Hailing from Zambia in the Copperbelt region, Lady Dyna came to Namibia to pursue studies in social work. Lady Dyna had a passion for singing all her life. She started singing at a young age. 

In 2010 she met D-Naff, who ended up being her husband. She became a backup singer for D-Naff in 2010. She performed alongside D-Naff at big events in Namibia such as Oshikango trade fair, Cansinga Day Concert, Independence Day Concert, Rabbecca Malope Show and at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMA).

Lady Dyna released an album titled 'The Design of Destiny' in September 2014, where she collaborated with big names in the Namibian music industry such as Tunakie, Exit, D-Naff and Prince Keddy. 

We wish her all the best!

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