'I'm A Strong Black Woman'

Be comfortable in your own skin

By  | Jul 04, 2019, 02:04 PM

The days of women being ridiculed for being comfortable in their own skins are over. Women are taking charge of their bodies and they are tired of people policing them all the time.

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Yessonia_official, as she goes by on Instagram, recently shared a snap of herself in nude and we gotta admit that she looks fine. She can be seen sitting in stark nudity and she managed to use her hair to cover her breasts.

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Celebrities are definitely taking a stand as they now define how women can and should be comfortable in their own skins.

Taking the same stance was South Africa's media personality, Minnie Dlamini who also shared a snap of herself in nude. This was also going along with the launch of her new cosmetics range.

She captioned her post, 'MD ✨Celebrate your skin 💎 #MDSkincare'
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So many have so much to say about nudity and how women should portray themselves in public. Different cultural assertions are still attached to it, but in today's modern society this means a whole new thing.

Empower yourself, be comfortable with your body in your skin and keep glowing. That's the message that is being conveyed today.

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Main image credit: Instagram