'I Just Want To Be A Good Father And Partner'

'I Just Want To Be A Good Father And Partner'

Jun 20, 2019, 08:15 AM

With a smashing new 'Ms Mathews' track that got his fans hyped up and looking forward to hearing more of his projects, the legendary rapper, Diogene Ochs aka D-Jay sat down with Nalebrity to talk about his music and plans for 2019.

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Now that you have dropped a new single, whats next for D-jay?

For the year, I just want to focus on visuals. Music videos and i want to be all over. I want to start traveling again, so, I am going back to doing gigs. I have already started working on my album, I just have to finish it. I also thought of focusing more on the business side of music. The talent is there, i just need to get the office up and running. Other than that, I just want to be a good parent  and be there for my son and my lady.

You released a single titled "Ms. Mathews' recently, what inspired you to write a song for the 'Princess'?

She has been around and I always wanted to make a song about her. She is one of the first people who came to my mind when we talk about strong Namibian women. She has done a lot for the industry and her community. That's my celeb! She's beautiful in and out and this is me speaking for the people and just saying "thanks for what you've done, and we appreciate you."

What other projects are you currently working on?

My focus is more on music videos now. I need to bring out more visuals for my album and the new single " Ms. Mathews ". I'm currently in communication with Ms. Mathews and I'm planning to surprise the nation if all goes well.

We have seen that the hip hop industry is somehow focusing more on the female MCees now, do you think the game has changed compared to the past?

More females! Things are getting better and better. I just hope they last the Marathon. Our female rappers don't usually last due to marriage or giving birth. I'm not even sure if we'll have the same ones years from now. But I'm happy they're stepping out of their comfort zones and representing the culture. We have a lot of talented young ladies and I wish to see them succeed.

What are you doing to stay relevant as an artist in this music industry?
I'm a student of the industry. I study everything! Fashion, production, new flows are always important. We don't rap the same way we did 13 years ago. Patterns change,  the sound changed, using more syllables and singing a bit more than I ever did.
The new wave is the melodic flow, everybody seems to be on it. I try it here and there, but I keep my originality. I like being me and sounding like me. I love learning, especially when it comes to the music business/industry. New people enter the industry everyday and I'm just here to learn from everybody.

You have been around for quite some time, what have you learned from the music industry in general?

You got to be strong to survive here. The industry is full of snakes, not everybody is really there for you. 30% talent 70% hustle. Your talent alone won't take you far. You got to be ready to sweat, step on a few, and help a few. 

My thing was to always do good, good things come to good people. All the work I'm putting in is paying off slowly. I opened a lot of doors for myself. Don't get too comfortable when you're on top, stay on your toes. Stay focused.

Main Photo Credit: Facebook/ D-jay

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