Nasty C Tops The Charts

Nasty C Tops The Charts

Jul 23, 2019, 01:30 PM

Nasty C is one kid that has managed to the raise the bar high within his musical career. With hard work and determination, Nasty C keeps soaring high for greater goals.  Over the years he has garnered quite the following making millions with his hits and a lot of youths especially male, aspire to be him.

When it comes to streaming, Nasty C has got that at the tip of his fingers. He has managed to take advantage of it and is now the most streamed artist both on Spotify and Apple Music. In 2018, he was named as the most streamed local artist on the streaming platform Spotify.
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No artist has managed to take advantage of the streaming era like Nasty C. He recently celebrated the news that his sophomore album, Strings and Blings, had gone double platinum (and that every track on the record had gone platinum) and this week it was revealed that he is Apple Music's most-streamed South African artist of the last four years. He edged out competition from Joyous Celebration, AKA and more of the country's biggest names. Take a look at the list below: 

1.Nasty C

2.Joyous Celebration



5.Cassper Nyovest

6.Mlindo The Vocalist

7.Black Coffee



10.Sun El Musician 

Nasty C's streaming success is no surprise.

Find out how Nasty C manages to stay on top of the streaming charts.

As much as he's done on his own, his well-chosen collaborations have also helped him gain even more mileage.

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