Hannah Nangula Inspiring Through Make Up

Hannah Nangula Inspiring Through Make Up

May 07, 2019, 12:17 PM

Hannah Nangula is currently one of Namibia’s most sought-after makeup artists. Her life is based on knowing what a client wants and needs and through that she will be launching her own Hannah Foundation on the 11th of May.

With a high demand for her magical touch and the make-up industry booming Nangula has been very busy lately and she is in the process of branching out of the cosmopolitan environs of Windhoek concrete jungle to the towns.

Nangula who is almost a decade in the beauty industry announced this year that she will be launching two new beauty products, namely her line of foundation creams and mink lashes which are all produced with the Namibian woman in mind.

Crediting her vast experience in the industry as a key to her current knowledge on the different skin tones of Namibian women, Nangula said she has learnt how best to enhance them and everything will be demonstrated at the launch that will be held at the Furstenhof Protea hotel in Windhoek.

“During my time, I actually realized that most Namibians skin tones are really not catered for especially those with an oily face, so, I thought why not come up with something that would make every women feel beautiful?” she said.

She added that she has already 54 clients that would be taking part in the foundation training that will be held together with the Hannah Foundation launch.

Questioned on how she feels about the upcoming launch, Nangula said she is every excited as she has been promoting the event eversince last year.

“People will definitely show up, I am nervous but as the day gets closer I become less anxious. I am currently in China and when I am back I am hoping to just have a few things to do before the date of the launch arrives,’ she noted.

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Nangula further promised that the foundation line will be the first of its kind on the Namibian market and she is looking forward to getting more people on board.

“My eight shades full coverage cream foundation exudes class and sophistication. It will make all women who use it feel like they have applied something of a superior quality,” Nangula added.

Being a make-up artist for the who’s and who Nangula has worked with celebrities such as Dillish Mathews, Maria Nepembe, Helena Mootseng, Lucy Kangombe Uejaa Kazondunge, Robyn Nakaambo and many others, including the Namibian male celebrities at events like the at NAMAs and for TV shows.

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