Gazza's 'Employment Scheme' Criticized

Gazza's 'Employment Scheme' Criticized

Jun 25, 2019, 01:30 PM

The Namibian Youth have raised eyebrows over the recent vacancy advert posted on twitter by Kwaito star Gazza indicating available positions in Dubai.

Gazza who has been passionate about decreasing the unemployment rate amongst the Namibian youth posted the advert few hours ago saying, "Something small, Rome was not build in a day, lets move quickly."

Peeps immediately reacted to the post questioning the credibility of the advert asking if its legit or one of those regular social media scams.

It really seems like Gazza went out of his way to create a strong relationship with business people from Dubai with good intentions of creating employment for his fans and the youth in general but a few Namibians remained hard-headed.

However, a few congratulated the legend saying that it is indeed a good move in the right direction to prioritize employment creation above all.

The positions available are, electricians, Welders,car mechanics, painters,upholsterers  and many others.

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Should we worry or take the plunge?

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Rosalia David

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