Gazza Is At The BBC

Gazza Is At The BBC

Jul 08, 2019, 02:30 PM

Say what you want about Award-winning artist Lazarus Shimi, also known as Gazza, but the man continues to make some serious moves when it comes to his career.

This past weekend, the Nam artist uploaded pictures and a short clip of himself at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London.
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The visit to the BBC hasn't been made entirely clear-whether he was there to perform or just do a public appearance. Gazza sat down with a BBC presenter and spoke on readjusting his attitude for the remainder of the year.

"My attitude right now is that negative energy is just too hard to carry,” he said.

He also spoke on how he avoids beef with other artists.

Just stay positive. If you want to beef with me it is fine, you carry that luggage. I am free, freedom to be able to dream and work on your dreams. It doesn’t matter what it takes or how long it takes. As long as you are focused you are gonna get there.
He has a point and Gazza should know first hand what it's like to have to fight off that negative energy.

Not too long ago, Gazza was at the forefront of what many deemed to be an 'Employment Scheme". But the muso was quick to brush off the hate and quickly stated that he was in no way, making anyone do anything they didn't want to.

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We're happy to see that this musician hasn't been deterred from the music, even after all the drama surrounding his seemly good intentions.

Whether Gazza is in London for the summer or there to do some serious business, Nam will be excited to see what good stuff he's got cooking for his fans back home.

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