Is This Relationship Genuine?

Is This Relationship Genuine?

Aug 23, 2019, 02:46 PM

Somhale are definitely our IT couple. Ever since Somizi professed his love for Mohale, they have been able to take us along the journey of their relationship. We are still waiting in anticipation for the big wedding though. On the social media front, they continue to dominate as well.  Loved up snaps of them brought about feelings of envy from some of their followers, respectively.

Right now, the couple is living it up in Italy right now and are planning to tie the knot in January,  but there seems to be some trouble that fans are seeing with their third eye.

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A while back, some rumours started to make the rounds that Mohale might not have been faithful to Somizi. The couple had to weather a fierce infidelity scandal that emanated from Mohale's end of the stick. The 24 year old actor and Economics student at University of Witswatersrand, was accused of being too friendly with a man his age his birthday party. The couple however managed to work their differences and they were back together again. 

In a twist of event again, fans of the reality show Living the dream with Somizi are questioning the authenticity of the relationship between the Idols SA judge and his bae, Mohale.

On Thursday night the show aired and the episode got many tongues wagging on Mohale's attitude towards Somizi. Viewers have "observed" that Mohale is rather "cold" towards his partner.

While some fans do not see anything out of the ordinary, some claim that even Somizi's friend, TT, is also not happy with Mohale's attitude. Fans have come to the conclusion that Mohale is just cashing in on Somizi and loves the lavish lifestyle he is afforded... alluding to Somizi as a blesser .

Do you think viewers have a point? Is Mohale just cashing in or he's in it for the long haul?

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