Elemotho Is Euro Trippin'

The star is touring Europe

By  | Jun 05, 2019, 02:55 PM

Elemotho and his band The Modern Nomads are heading out on a European tour-again.

Yes, the smiling singer, songwriter and storyteller left the country yesterday to embark on the tour, which consists of 12 festival dates in France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland from 6 June to 17 July.

Playing Europe, during the festival season-in the summer? That doesn't sound too bad.

Elemotho has his first major tour in Europe in 2007. “The main idea and beauty is certainly to get my music to other places other than my homeland, but I had been a traveller before I started touring," he told the Namibian Sun. And his music has had  a travel log of it's own. Even having his tracks make their way to Netflix's 'Frankie and Grace'.

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The multi award-winning musician said he and the band will pop back home mid-tour. “I am a parent and husband and I no longer like doing tours that are too long, like in the past when I would be far from home for about three months,” he said.

Having already established an international presence, the Euro tour will showcase his music to over 200 000 Europeans. No pressure, right?

The Kalahari-born musician said he is pleased that local group Makgona Ngwao Cultural Troupe will be joining him and his band on parts of the tour. His aim is to expose the troupe to wider audiences on the European circuit.

 And frankly, how can we not love a man who is patriotic and secures the bag at the same time?

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