Carol Tshabalala Enjoying Namibian Scenery

Carol Tshabalala Enjoying Namibian Scenery

Apr 22, 2019, 02:25 PM

Bonafide A-listers seem to live solely on a spectrum between birth, death and extreme luxury. Which, probably, is why so many of them keep private-jetting to Namibia while others just board on a normal plane proving Namibia a place where you can experience all three in a 24-hour window or longer since we have so much to offer.

One of the A-listers who visits Namibia is Angelina Jolie who even went as far as giving birth in the land of the brave to 13-year-old Shiloh. It is no surprise that Namibia was one of the suggested honeymoon locations for  His and Her Royal Highness The Duke of Sussex Megahan and Harry.

However, since then, countless premium-grade celebrities have followed her esteemed example.

South African award-winning sportscaster, MC, ring announcer Carol Tshabalala is one of the renowned persons enjoying what Namibia has to offer. It appears that the first lady of sports is in the country for work, documenting the Namibian official soccer team the Brave Warriors.

The sports caster is one who seems to take her vacations and destinations very seriously looking at her previous holidays around the globe. Namibia is not the first Southern African country she has visited as she has been to Mozambique for some rewinding time.

Carol who is with her family has so far been into the coastal towns of Namibia and she is currently in the northern regions having passed by Etosha National Park. Carol and family did some adventurous activities including quad biking, sunset viewing and walks in the Deadvlei.

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Carol is known for loving her family and we love it when she finds time to bond and just relaxes with her kids. She is quite a busy person but that free time she gets she makes sure family is the first thing to do on her list. she finds to bond and have quality time, she grabs with both hands.

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The sportscaster has been in the country since last week Thursday but it is not clear on how long her stay is. All we know is that she is having fun and enjoying the beauty of Namibia, thanks to her constantly tweeting about her trip.

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Main image credit: Carol Tshabalala/Twitter
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