Are These Artists Ready To Quit Music?

They announced their retirements in the music industry.

By  | Feb 13, 2020, 12:51 PM

Namibian musicians have been hinting on retiring recently.This has raised eyebrows and left many fans deer in the headlights because losing multitalented artists who have captured the hearts of many fans can be a heart-wrenching  Some have actually questioned the authenticity surrounding their impending exit on the music scene and some have actually suspected that they might be pulling a publicity stunt.

Without a doubt, the music industry can be a headache sometimes for many artists. Some often say that survival of the fittest is the order of the day. The industry has its own ups and downs like many say its a 'fickle' industry and it not all glitz and glamour.

In 2018 King Tee announced he was going to pull the plug after his last offering Concrete Jungle. The star hosted a final concert to bd farewell to his fans but later hosted a concert themed the Revelation of King Tee Dee. King has since been releasing hits and moved on as nothing happened.

Fast forward to 2020 Berthold announced that he was retiring after nearly 20 decades in the music industry. He said that he was exiting to pursue other interests.
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Young T also sent shockwaves to his fans after announcing he was ready to call it quits after his 8th album. This left many fans confused also. This has become a phenomenon in the country for artists to announce their exit which normally does not happen however fans can often smell the rat very quickly and gather their facts.

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