AKA Headlines Windhoek October Pop Up Fest

The SuperMega is coming to Nams

By  | Jun 24, 2019, 09:30 AM

The thing about summer is that whenever it rolls around, we need something big to welcome it in. And what better way to highlight sunshine and good vibes than with a huge party.

Yes, all you SuperMega fans if you don't already know- we suggest you hold on to your wigs because your summer is about to get snatched- AKA is said to headline the Windhoek Pop Fest.

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Namibian AKA fans have already went wild on social media yesterday when organizers of the Windhoek Pop Up Festival revealed that he will be this year’s main act at the festival which is in collaboration with fashion designer Lorde EMH.

The people of Nams are already hyped and showed off their appreciation (and a little disbelief) once this promo video went up.

This October’s event is under the theme We Are Art and is expected to feature a series of art, food, drinks as well as music. The organizers have also emphasized that their event will be graced by the best in the industry in terms of artists.

Well with AKA as a headliner, we can see that the organizers aren't playing around.

Designer extraordinaire also posted on his socials that this years Pop Up is more than just a performance, "we bringing an experience".


Grab your tickets now to avoid disappointment and stay booked and busy this summer-we sure will.

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Main Image Credit: Twitter.com/aka