Viral Com Introduces Certification

Artists will get plaques for what they sell

By  | Oct 30, 2020, 12:05 PM 

In a bid to make it
self a bit more competitive and as an incentive for Namibian musicians who are on its platform Digital Marketing and local distribution media company Viral Com has introduced certification for Namibian musicians who perform outstanding deeds on their site.

If an artist sells 2000 units, they will get a gold certification, 8000 units is a platinum certification and 15000 units sold will equate to a diamond certification.

Viral Com as a platform offers Namibians an opportunity to sell their music in a Namibian way as opposed to international music distributors such as iTunes, Spotify and Deezer. Viral Com constantly encourage Namibian artists to sell music through them instead of releasing music for free, it ensures they make a bit more profit that way. ''Influencers, tell artists to stop releasinv music for free. They must tell their fans to normalize buying music.'' they shared in their tweet.

Abraham Amushila knowns as AB Pro is the founder of Viral Com. He is a well known artist manager,music promoter and events organiser from Namibia.

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