Tu2 The Modern Day Poet

Edgy and relevant poetry

By  | Oct 14, 2020, 09:04 AM 

Ndeilutunga Shikongeni known as Tu2 is making a name for himself in the poetry industry in Namibia. He has a niche audience and creates content that resonates with them.

His work is centered around relationships, dating, loves, sex, infidelity and much more. The raspberry, smooth and baritone voiced Tu2 has great delivery and themes in his poetry that many young Namibian people on social media have come to love.

He exudes confidence when he does his poetry, he is sultry, sensual and purposeful depending on the nature of the poetry. ''I desire love to be kind and calm but yet you are loud and explosive'' he says in a deep voice in his poetry video titled To My Lover.

Tu2's work uses imagery those inline with what he is talking about and the visuals add an aesthetic and mood to the videos that add much more meaning to what he says. His work has been receiving a lot of shares and comments on social media. As a poet Tu2 uses his work to praise and adorn women. He is intersectional and multifaceted too which makes his poetry accessible to everyone.

His latest poetry video has garnered over 17 000 views on Instagram. The video is centered around unconventional love and how society judges people in such relationships. This Tu2's most experimental video and his most viewed one so far meaning that people are highly excited for his work.

The future looks great for this rusty and deep voiced poet and we foresee much more great content from him.