"Trust Me I Don't Debate I Just Block"

Chelsi Shikongo slams negative people

By  | Jul 19, 2021, 04:59 PM 

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Miss Namibia 2021 Chelsi Shikongo is known for her heart of gold and her kind demeanor. Ever since the beauty queen scooped the coveted title she has won the hearts of many people but she has taken to her Instagram stories to slam those who are negative.

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We don't know what triggered her rant but she told her followers that she does not have time to deal with negativity.

"Please be mindful of what you send people. I may be a public figure but I'm a human being at first. What you say to people, celebrity or not defines who you are as a person and just shows how you talk to yourself.

If you were really keen on helping me you would come up with a solution as well. Trust me I don't debate I just block. Life is happening every day. I don't have and I won't waste my time every day to deal with negativity"
she shared.
Instagram @ChelsiShikongo

Chelsi is expected to represent Namibia soon at the Miss Universe 2021 pageant. Miss Namibia 20211st runner-up Annerie Mare will be participating in the Miss World 2021 pageant. Miss Teen Namibia Alexis Swart will be taking part in the Miss Teen Universe contest.

According to The Namibian Chelsi said she is excited about this opportunity, “I am so excited about the journey. I am mainly looking forward to learning skills I can apply to my life, and the once-in-a-lifetime experience to take part in a prestigious international competition such as Miss Universe. I am able to create global awareness of our beautiful land and its people,” she said.

In 2020 Namibia did not participate in international pageants and Conny Maritz, managing director of the Miss Namibia pageant said, “There were many countries, like Namibia, that, due to the Covid-19 pandemic did not have a national pageant in 2020 and also did not partake in an international pageant. As you know, the Miss Universe 2020 pageant took place in May this year, and the Miss Universe 2021 pageant finale will be in December this year. Miss World canceled their 2020 pageant,”

In an interview with The Namibian, her mother Mary Shikongo said she was optimistic that Chelsi will bring the Miss Universe crown home. “It is so important, as it boosts their confidence when they see that their parents are standing behind them. She told me that she will make Namibia proud and will bring the Miss Universe crown home."

“I am very proud of her. I was shouting and thanking God when I heard them announcing her name. I advise parents to encourage their children emotionally, physically, and financially when they can, when they show interest in a project."
she said.

Chelsi recently reflected on her Miss Nam journey saying it's a dream come true for her."I didn’t think we would be here today and I am nothing but grateful and thankful that the Universe believed in me even when I didn’t believe in me, success is on the other side of consistency and that too is a journey but starting is already winning," she shared.

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