TopCheri Hits Back At A Tweep

She is not impressed by this

By  | Jun 08, 2021, 01:24 PM 

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It is no secret that fame has its own perks. It comes with fortune and sometimes it comes with every piece of hate from trolls and one celebrity who can attest is TopCheri. The musician never catches a break from these social media streets as another troll has taken a shot at her.

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The musician came out with guns blazing to slam a tweep who posted a picture of her with the newly crowned Miss Namibia Chelsi Shikongo saying they have the same resemblance as sisters.

TopCheri caught wind of the post and she was seething with anger and quickly decided to let her fingers do the talking for her.

"A woman gave birth to you. She went through so much pain to bring you on earth. I bet you left her torn. You have sisters but all you do is go around hating women. If not for us for your mother do better," she slammed the troll.

The Twitter user went on and dissed TopCheri saying "Okay love thanks a lot. But let that be the last time totuku meme. She's a married woman en she's nothing like you. But anyway thanks again, I appreciate it. But I'm proud she got torn giving birth en not by random d""ks like you, coz I'm sure you are talking from experience."

A Twitter user weighed in on their drama saying TopCheri should have avoided the troll instead of responding to the hate. "Sometimes choosing to not respond to everything is best, I understand sometimes it pushes you to that extend. You have been taking in a lot lately, but it just turns out that someone comes out more and pushes you to go again. Sorry.

TopCheri said she is human too and it pains her to see trolls continuing to spew bile on her.

"Like I said sir ... I choose not to respond all the time, if I do it would be positive. This guy was at my neck all day calling me ugly ... and what did I do to him? Fo**l ! Niks! Go ahead check his timeline... I am a lot of things yes and being human tops it!"
This is not the first time TopCheri is being mocked for her looks. In 2020, she took to her Instagram page to address a hater who said she was not beautiful. The musician told the hater that she was not shaken by his nasty comments.

"Ane boy called me ugly ... hoping I would react dramatically! I told him that he is right! Now homey is promoting calling heaven. You can never shake a girl who knows she is ugly!," wrote Top Cheri

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