TopCheri Defends Namibian Men Against A Homophobe

Wasn't she dragged for the same statement?

By  | Sep 13, 2021, 03:29 PM 

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Remember when rapper Top Cheri received backlash on social media for claiming most Namibian women are presumably married to gay men? TopCheri seems to have changed his opinion about that.

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This follows after a Twitter user tweeted the same statement she made saying, "Why are the gays getting married to women? Please stop messing with people’s daughters." The rapper responded by quickly reprimanding him.

TopCheri responded to the Twitter user's tweet and said his statement was homophobic.

We are glad that she was quick to put the homophobe at their place. Last year, the rapper ruffled major feathers when she tweeted, "One day we should talk about how so many Namibian women are married to Gay Men. Especially there by my people ... they get married to people’s daughters so they can hide behind “wife and kids”. Hou julle op ! Free people’s daughters .. One day is not today nande."

Someone commented “Not too late to delete this…” under her tweet. Another tweep stated “Mind your own and stay out of people’s businesses” to which Top Cheri replied “No my darling… you mind your own! Let me mind what I want on my clock!”

The tweet received mixed reactions as some Twitter users called her homophobic and told her to mind her own business. Here are some of the comments.

"It's sad really but this woman also do not they just spot those pink strip in those men's, I think our sister are also desperate for marriage that they ignore those pink strips or just pretend not to see them.

"Especially there by wamboes. I know of a lot of married wamboe undercover gays, and I mean a lot. Some are even in our DM's. When that day comes please do tag me"

"His partner needs to know of his bisexuality before the marriage. And regardless of how he identifies unless his partner is consenting, he is still cheating."

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