Zodwa Wabantu Strikes Again


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Remember when Zodwa Wabantu took a dump on Live television? Those are one of the things that make Zodwa one of a kind. She recently shook the timeline when she posted a video of her escorting her boyfriend to a medical centre called Herrwood, for a penis enlargement.

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In the clip, Zodwa can be heard saying she is tired of her mans small manhood and they want to improve their sex life. The decision was apparently taken together as they both wanted to not get involved with cheating.

She told Daily Sun that she does not care about other people and their opinions, “This was not my decision alone. We sat down as a couple and spoke about this because being open with one another solves a lot of problems in a relationship. We have realised that doing this can eliminate problems such as cheating because when one is not sexually satisfied, they end up looking elsewhere.

The same doctor gave her a butt tightening procedure and also tightened her vagina.

"I’m here again because I ended another relationship so I need a new relationship...As women, after giving birth we often feel that something down there is no longer the same or tight," she explained.

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