Getting To Know Young T WokOngha

Meet the bad boy of the Namibian music industry

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Namibian musician, Young T WokOngha or Young T, whose real name is, Tulina Ndafyaalako, is climbing to the top and literally no one can stop him. Born and raised in Ongha in the Ohangwena region, the rapper has released some of the hottest hits to top the African charts, making the 31-year-old to be known as a bonified producer, mixer and all-round artist. 

His latest album, GBV Defeated has dropped on Friday, 25 March 2021, and is doing its rounds with anthems that talk about the social injustices that have been polluting the African content. Young T is known for his great lyrics and when he drops any project, it becomes a hit in the country. Many of his songs speak about surviving his trials and tribulations in life and making it big in the music industry – subsequently using his platform to serve as the voice of the people. 

Whilst Young T has been making waves in the music scene, he has also gotten himself his fair share of coverage in local media, and has been embroiled in scandals that have contributed to making him a household name. 

In September 2020, Namibia's finest rapper Young T, decided to swallow his pride and issue an apology to award-winning rapper King Tee Dee. This follows after he made some damning allegations that the rapper apparently bewitched him. Young T raised eyebrows when he took to Instagram in 2019, pleading with King Tee Dee to leave him alone after he apparently went to consult and traditional doctors apparently told him that King Tee Dee has been bewitching him.
As soon as he made the allegations fans started praying for him and his post received mixed reactions as fans defended King Tee Dee. Now the rapper has apologized to King Tee Dee. In an Instagram post he captioned his post "I'm sorry Young T WokOngha"

In a screenshot he shared their conversation reads, "Bro I just wanna apologize for my recent writings. It was a bad conception that I doubt I even knew it would probably have damaged your reputation." King Tee Responded by saying this is? And he replied by saying "I'm not even begging for forgiveness; I just want it off my chest. bad energy eats up people."

Thereafter, in October 2020, Young T came out guns blazing and has taken shots and dissed the Namibian Annual Music Awards, King Tee Dee, Sunny Boy, KP Illest, Dion from PDK,Exit, Sunny Boy, D Kandjafa. In a short clip of Young T rapping in studio he calls King Tee Dee ''Queen Tee Dee". "Queen Tee Dee he knows I am a f*cking rider'' he raps in the video.

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