Why The Twinfluencers Are Leading Ladies Of Africa

Liselle and Lisette are doing BIG things

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The Twinfluencers, made up of twins Liselle and Lisette So-Oabes, were recently interviewed by Leading Ladies Of Africa. The twins have cemented their names as ones to look out for in the media and content creation space with their major business moves.

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The twins are a duo who have entered the space and are currently winning. The 29-year-olds took a different approach in content creation where usually you would see individuals creating content. However, the two joined forces and made it work.

"Being a content creator is a rewarding experience. We absolutely enjoy the process of coming up with ideas, planning out our content, and creating something new that we can share with others," they told the blog.

"We feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when we publish our work and receive positive feedback from our audience. However, being a content creator can also be challenging. Creating high-quality content requires time, effort, and skill, and most of all costly and it can be difficult to stay motivated and consistent with producing content over time. In addition, many content creators rely on monetizing their work through paid endorsements, ad revenue etc. This can add pressure to create content that is not only high quality but also appealing to a wide audience," they added.

They shared advice to young female content creators or those who are in the working space, to always be wary of inequality amongst other injustices.

“In order to overcome any biases or barriers to hiring young female content creators, it is important for businesses to recognize and address the issues of gender inequality and discrimination in the workplace. This can include implementing policies and practices that promote diversity and inclusion, providing training and support to female employees, and actively seeking out and promoting the work of young female content creators,” they told the publication.

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With Namibia's low population and only a number of people being able to access the internet, they often face challenges of reaching a wider audience.

They recently launched their own bottled water Liz Water! "Introducing Liz Water! Enjoy. Indulge. Refresh….but most importantly DM us for orders," they announced.

They also own numerous business ventures apart from the water business. They told the blog where their drive and ambition comes from.

"Simply just being passionate to create something that is visually or aesthetically pleasing, and to tell compelling stories that resonate with our audience," they explained.

They continued by saying it is a way they express themselves, "Personally, for us it’s a form of self-expression and a way to connect with others who share their
interests or values. It is also be a means of building a community or a platform to promote our personal brand and businesses. In addition, we find fulfilment in the creative process itself, enjoying the challenge of coming up with new ideas and bringing them to life through various mediums such photography and capturing videos."

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