Happy Madiba Day!

Take some time to do good.

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Although this is a public holiday that is officially celebrated in South Africa, Mandela was a great icon that was recognized by the entire nation and the whole world. Today is marked as the day when Mandela's life and legacy is celebrated.

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The day is not about celebrating only, but there is a tration where one is encouraged to give back. In the day, one gets to set sight aside 67 minutes to go out of their way and do something good for the next person. The 67 minutes speaks to the 67 years speaks to the 67 years Mandela spent making the world a better place.

This day has always been widely celebrated in the land of the Brave and it continues to be. In 2017, the Otjomouise Primary School received a generous donation from the MANDELA Washington Fellowship (MWF) alumni in the country

So where will you be spending your day and what good deed do you plan on doing?

How are other celebs spending their Mandela Day?

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