Vikta Juiceboy Is In Mourning

The singer mourns the loss of a close friend

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Vikta Juiceboy is in mourning after losing a close friend, Bella Nangolo. Death is never easy and losing a loved one, can be a traumatic experience for anybody. The star has dedicated his social media to pay tribute to the late Bella.

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Messages of condolences have been flooding in for the late Bella who recently lost her life. Judging from his social media post, she succumbed to an illness of some sort.

Vikta revealed the promise they made to each other to beat this disease after her diagnosis. 

"We promised each other, ever since day one of diagnosis, we promised each other! We had so many responsibilities to fulfill after you have beaten this shit. We had a story to tell. What do I do now? My body is numb, my heart is heavy! I feel like shit! Penduka man nghelo. Let’s take one last shot!"

He even shared some memories of them together especially the time Bella encouraged him to go to studio and write a song for her.

"You forced me this day to go to studio to write a song about you. So this is it? Come back and take this video."

Other celebrities mourning the loss of loved ones include Gazza who lost his  back up dancer, and friend, Max from The GMP family.

He has gone through numerous traumatic experiences which have taken a toll on his life.

"In a time where some of us have lost loved ones, livelihoods and hopes it is easy to fall off track. It is easy to lose your motivation, your balance and your will to continue during this time here is a message of motivation to you."

"It is with great sadness and disappointment that I have decided to postpone the release of my album Messiah. My mind, spirit, and energy is not in the right place to release such a personal body of work. This comes after the loss of close relatives in a short period of time.

"My heart goes out to everyone dealing with grief and mental health challenges during this pandemic. I will be using the following two weeks to focus on my family and allow my energy and spirit to get up to the right place," he shared.

Exit Rockaz also mourned the loss of his uncle who said his death caused a lot of pain and agony. β€œBra Spike/Uncle Spike, your death has caged me in pain, agony and misery. But I don't mind suffering; at least it has set you free. Will miss you. The intelligence we shared will continue in your name. 

"We had a wonderful Man in you. One who never really grew old; His smile was made of sunshine, And his heart was solid gold. May your beautiful soul Rest In eternal peace.” 

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