Uncovering Your Celebrities' Pasts

This is what they did before fame

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It’s always interesting to dig up a famous person’s past and discover who they were and what they did before fame. 

From former bankers to hairstylists- this is what your favourite celebs did before fame. Would we have known them if they had stuck with their initial careers? Probably not.

Dillish Mathews

One of the things that make us love Dillish Mathews is her sharp entrepreneurial mind. At only 31, homegirl has achieved quite a lot and is setting big standards for women every day.
It appears that Dillish always had an interest in the beauty and cosmetology world. Before joining and ultimately winning BBA season 8 in 2013, which was the genesis of her career in fame, Dillish used to be a hairstylist.

She started her hair business- High Definition Hair Spa, while still in college and she used to operate the business from the boot of her car.

The business which is still in operation is doing quite well. It provides high-quality virgin Brazilian Hair, lace wigs, lace closures, and products to maintain them such as hair gel and shampoos.


Now that we know him as a musical star, it’s difficult to imagine the ‘Chelete’ hitmaker as anything else, but did you know that before launching his musical career, Gazza used to be a banker?
After graduating with a Diploma in marketing at Boston College in South Africa, Gazza returned home and started a career as a banker before moving to an advertising company. It was during this time that out of boredom he started to make music.

Gazza started experimenting with a software he had downloaded on his computer to create beats and that’s how the story of him being a legend began and continues to date.

Top Cheri

Top Cheri balances three demanding careers in music, acting, and writing and she is winning big in all three.
This young outspoken star studied TV production in college although she had to drop out at some point when her older sister who was the main breadwinner in the family passed on.

Before launching her career in music Top Cheri worked as a journalist for a local newspaper- maybe this is not so surprising given her educational background, but it’s still pretty interesting, right?

Michael Amushelelo

This successful forex trader has always been interested in business and has done odd jobs in the past just to make money.

At a young age, Amushelelo used to help his mother to sell lollipops, perhaps that’s where his entrepreneurial spirit was activated. After high school, together with his cousins, he cleaned yards for a fee, from the profits they made, he began a mini shop at home where he sold basic everyday commodities.
In 2010, Amushelelo was hired at Namibian Breweries as an apprentice brewer. In the same year, he founded his own company- Amushe Inc. and that’s where his other story to success begins.

Maria Nepembe

Like her BFF- Dillish Mathews, Maria Nepembe's first experience with the limelight was after she participated in the Big Brother Africa and although she did not win, she created a name for herself from it.

Nepembe who is currently one of the biggest names in Namibia's media scenes enrolled at the University of Namibia to study Public Relations but dropped out after two years to become an Au pair in Germany.

It was during her stay in Germany that she began her modeling career. On returning to Namibia, she started featuring in music videos before giving the BBA a try.

Which of these celebs past careers do you find to be the most intriguing? Let us know in the comments.

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