Twinfluencers Celebrate Babyfluencer's Birthday

"You’re truly the love that came without warning."

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Time flies when you're having fun! Babyfluencer, son of twins Liselle and Lisette So-Oabes, has turned 1! The influencer duo who make up the name Twinfluencer, have celebrated babyfluencer's first birthday in style!

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Taking to Instagram, the mommies shared a video montage of the year that was and penned a sweet message to the little one.

"You are ONE? How? Where did time go? You’re truly the love that came without warning. The one that showed me I had no idea how much I could love someone until you came along. What was life like before you? We can’t recall because this is the most beautiful and loveliest journey ever. Our hearts literally can’t take how fast this is all going. Happy Birthday @babyfluencer_ We love you sooooo much biggie," the message reads.

The babyfluencer also has his own Instagram page which boasts of 8K followers who wished him a happy birthday.

"Driving from 0 to 1 BABY!!!!!We made it.  One year of being loved UNCONDITIONALLY," he wrote posting a video of him driving his very first car.

The mommy has been sharing her pregnancy journey with her followers and also shared the experience of being a first time mommy. 


"I have been able to exclusively breastfeed my baby for a 17 weeks. Breastfeeding is one of the most rewarming gifts that I’ve been able to give not only myself but to my son as well," Twinfluencers wrote on IG.

She described the feeling she gets out of breastfeeding saying it's the bond she and her baby make which is very priceless.

"The moment spent staring at each other’s eyes. Is priceless. I am grateful that I can nourish you and hold you in the moment. While breastfeeding did come naturally for me my journey has not been easy. So many ups and downs from experiencing latch problems the first week, to low supply, to over supply, clogged ducts ,cracked nipples, engorgement etc. but it’s all part of the amazing journey (My own journey)."

She continued, "Breastfeeding is hard. It’s Challenging. It’s exhausting. But it has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me and has made me so much stronger over the weeks. I’ve made it this far and I am proud of myself & regardless of how you choose to feed your lil one you should be proud too."

"To the moms who: Exclusively Breastfed, Exclusively Pump, Breastfed for a day, two weeks, month, Tried and could not, Tried and chose not to, Chose not to at all, It’s ok how you did it! Motherhood is not easy, your reasons are your own. Your effort and all of the work is still celebrated."

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New To Earth

Babyfluencer celebrated his grand entrance to earth with a heartfelt post: 

"Hello, I’m new here & loving it! Here I was a month old super excited and eager to know on what the world has to offer and today I believe I was the missing puzzle to my moms and dads life. The purest form of LOVE out there as they are obsessed with me. I am more than expected, better than imagined, and all they could have wished for," the baby wrote. 

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