Twinfluencers Announce Major Business Move

This will encourage more people to drink water

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Liselle & Lisette So-oabes who have created a name for themselves as Twinfluencers, have announced that they have launched a new business venture. The twins announced their business venture Liz Water! Liz stems from the first three letters of both their names.

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"Introducing Liz Water! Enjoy. Indulge. Refresh….but most importantly DM us for orders."

They received truckloads of congratulatory messages from their followers and fans. They had hinted that they have a huge announcement to make this week. Twin Tower Properties business owners have added another business venture to their growing list of ventures.

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Another star who is making money moves is EeS.  He announced that he is in the business of promoting Namibia in partnership with Fly Namibia.

"Yes-Ja! …when it comes to promoting Namibia to the world - we need to work together! That's why I am very excited to announce that I am now the brand ambassador for @fly_namibia safari - the quickest way to travel around Namibia," he said announcing the big news.

"At the opening day of the ITB Expo in Germany, promoting Namibia as one of the greatest tourists destinations," he continued.

This is another addition to his ventures as he has another business called 'Nam Flava Camping'.

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In an interview with The Namibian, EeS said, “The guests will receive a full itinerary magazine, with all possible information and tips, written and designed by me.

“Not just that, but travelers will also get a special 'Nam Flava' travel map, with all GPS coordinates and routes marked, which will take them on a full camping travel adventure through the beautiful Namibian nature. There are four possible fully preplanned tours available to select on the very modern-looking booking website,” he told the blog.

“Even a camping vehicle can be booked if needed by guests. I believe this is definitely a game changer in the Namibian tourism industry. It will surely give so many visitors to Namibia the chance to experience the best possible round trip and highlights. This is on another level for me. It's not just about showcasing Namibian music or waving the flag at international shows on stage.”

He also has a show in Germany where he continues to fly the Nam flag high.  Wer Weiss Denn Sowas? is a multi-nominated competition show which is dubbed the biggest in Germany and EeS scored a seat at the table!

"Had the honour to be part of Germany’s biggest Quiz Show, Wer Weiss Denn Sowas?“ was sooo much FUN, and I had the chance to put Namibia & our culture on the map once again."

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