Top Cheri's Net Worth And Sources Of Wealth

Talent plus hard work equals millions

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Top Cheri, Top Cheri
Monica Pineas, aka Top Cheri, is one of the fastest-growing female musicians in Namibia whose songwriting and vocals have been a fresh breath of air in the Namibian music industry.

Since launching her career a few short years ago, Top Cheri has been able to grow, and with each song she releases, and every book she publishes, her success keeps growing.

Here is a look at Top Cheri’s net worth and how this talented creative mind with a likeable personality makes her money.

What is Top Cheri’s net worth?

Top Cheri, source: Instagram

As of 2022, Top Cheri’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $4 million. She has made this incredible wealth from her works as a musician, an author, an actress and through endorsements.

Here is how each of Top Cheri’s hustles has contributed to her incredible net worth.

Top Cheri’s music

Top Cheri, source: Instagram

Growing up in Walvis Bay, Top Cheri always knew that she wanted to be a musician and she looked up to King Tee Dee as her role model.

Despite her initial shyness, Top Cheri eventually launched her career as a musician with the release of her first song Victoria and since then, there has been no looking back for the young musician.

Currently, Top Cheri has four albums to her name including Fertile which was her debut album and her latest album- Dual. Since launching her music career, Top Cheri has been well-received and she has amassed a legion of fans within a short time. 

In 2020, Top Cheri’s Calling Heaven hit one million views on YouTube, making her the first female musician in Namibia to hit that mark.

Over the years, Top Cheri has earned nominations and awards for some of the most prestigious awards in the country including the acclaimed NAMAs. In 2019, she got seven nominations at the NAMAs and she was able to scoop two awards- Best newcomer and Album of the year.

Top Cheri’s net worth has been contributed majorly through her work as a musician and she makes money from sales of her albums, concerts, and tours fees as well as royalties and licenses.

Top Cheri the author and actress

Top Cheri's book launch campaign, source: Twitter

Besides her music, Top Cheri expresses her creative abilities through writing and acting. Before launching her music career, Top Cheri worked as a journalist for a local newspaper.

To date, Top Cheri has authored two books that have been published. Her first book is titled Relationship and her second book is Love, Sex and Flight Tickets which depicts the modern lifestyle in Namibia. Her books, like her music, have also been received with love.

As an actress, Top Cheri began her career in 2014 when she landed the leading role of Nangula on Captain Kalola and for her performance in this film, she earned a nomination for the best female actress at the Simply You Magazine Lifestyle awards. Top Cheri reprised her role as Nangula in the film’s sequel Captain Kalola 2.

The money that she has earned from her acting and writing career has helped build Top Cheri’s net worth.


Top Cheri, source: Instagram

Aside from making money from her artistic abilities, Top Cheri’s public image and the fame that comes with it have helped her land several endorsement deals with top brands that have in turn helped grow her net worth.

Some of the brands that Top Cheri has represented include Top Score, Ilotu Cosmetics, and FNB Namibia. 

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