The Truth About Top Cheri's Engagement

What happened to her fiancé?

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Monica Pineas, aka Top Cheri, is one of the fastest-growing female musicians in Namibia. Since launching her career a few short years ago, Top Cheri has been able to grow, and with each song she releases, and every book she publishes, her success keeps growing.

She has also grown her fan base and has loyal followers trying to keep up with her life, both personal and private

Here is a look at the times Top Cheri had us keeping up with her juicy life since the year began.

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The Truth About Top Cheri's Engagement 

Namibia’s finest Top Cheri is always making headlines for the drama that surrounds her life. Yes her music is amazing but lets face it her personal life is equally interesting and we just love the spice she brings to it.

A few months ago Top Cheri had the internet buzzing after news broke about her surprise proposal. What made this tea hot was that the man who went down on his knee was in fact not her beloved boyfriend Max! What was the whole proposal about and where did the man she said yes to go? Check out what really went down between the two!

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Top Cheri's Revelation Shocks Fans

Musician Top Cheri also had her fans and followers shook after she made some revelations about her family's concern about whether she is a lesbian. Top Cheri made claims that her uncle is overly obsessed with her to the extent of calling a family meeting just to interrogate her about her sexuality.

She went on to reveal that she is always called for a family meeting and divulged why her life is always the center of these meetings.

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Top Cheri Battles Some Legal Drama

It seems like drama loves Top Cheri! The star was embroiled in a legal battle with a couple who were unfair towards her during a photoshoot. The issue seemed to escalate to the point of the muso seeking lawyers to solve her problems.

What started out as a work engagement turned quickly into a nightmare filled with drama, with lawyers blowing up Top Cheri's phone with threats.

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Top Cheri's Big Reveal That Broke The Internet

Top Cheri had her fans and followers pleasantly surprised after she broke the internet with the unusual. The singer impressed fans with something different  from her notorious dramatic life.

Top Cheri announced that she would be hosting a children concert and play day for all her little fans who will get a chance to see her perform on stage as well as give parents a chance to also enjoy some play time with their children.

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As Top Cheri celebrates her birthday today, we wish her more growth and more success! Cheers to more moments of keeping up with Top Cheri!!!

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