Top Cheri's Big Giveaway

The star is giving fans a chance to win BIG

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Local super star Top Cheri has released a new song but she has a little surprise in store for her fans. Those who are as talented will get the chance to win big money. 

Top Cheri released a new song called O'Boy and will be giving the best dancers, creatives and actors N$2000 for their creativity. Any talent is welcome though and any creative can enter. 

The song is produced by Andrew On The Beat and is available on all music streaming platforms.

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Top Cheri recently gave a fire clapback at a troll who compared her to up and coming artists. She sarcastically said people should not downplay other people's talent by comparing them to her because she is anything but talented. 

"You people keep letting your favs down by comparing them to TopCheri. Please do better. I’m allot of things but talented is not one of them … and I’m genuinely fine with that. Also yep .. Talent and Exposure… two very very different things."

"This is not nice. Feels like ya saying “undeserving”. I might not do your type of music, might not be your favorite singer but God knows I work so hard. I work extremely hard, and the brands I work with can testify. Also, I write damn good proposals, a lot of them get rejected though."

Top Cheri had to always defend herself from Trolls and would always put herself in the highest regard. But she told them she works very hard to be not rated high. 
Top Cheri is gearing up for her kids talent show to take place this festive season. Her Top Cheri Kiddies Concert and Play Day will be taking place at the DOC Jubber Field, Olympia in Windhoek. 
Auditions are open for kids aged 3 to 14 and this talented kids should be able to MC, sing, dance, write and recite poetry, act, tell jokes, or any other form of creative performance. To enter they need to create a 1-minute video where the kids tell a little about themselves and share the video on social media. The event is slated to take place on December 3.
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