Top Cheri To Drop Her Album

Home girl has already dropped her album cover and we are here for it!

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One of the country's most sought after female rappers Top Cheri, has announced that she will be dropping her much-anticipated album soon.

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As the festive season draws closer several artists have been releasing their albums and fresh music and joining in the fray is Top Cheri, who is ready to step things up a notch this festive season.

Like they say a queen never rests right, today the musician dropped her album cover and it looks sizzling. Her album is titled Tithe and it is dropping on the 30th of November 2020.

On the cover, the singer is wearing a yellow and white dress, and she holding a crown on top of her head, proving that she is a queen of her won. On the ground, you can see different fruits and vegetables.

Top Cheri recently did a  tour around Namibia where she was donating sanitary products to Namibian school girls.

In a tweet, she highlighted that Namibian female artists can work on charity shows where they can donate some of the proceeds they make from the shows to fund the buying of sanitary products that can be donated to schoolgirls in Namibia. ''I’m calling on all Female Artists. My dear Queens ... Let’s do Monthly shows to raise money that goes into buying sanitary items for girls in rural areas.'' she tweeted.

Another musician who is set to release soon is Kaboy Kamakili, and his album seems to be done and dusted, and all eyes are set on the launch now. The album is titled Teacher Boy and his fans are already at the edge of their seats for its release on the 30th of November.

Another musician who is set to release soon is Exit. The singer is ready to release a new album titled Forever on 30 November 2020. His last release was in 2019. The singer recently reflected on The Last Supper album and said it captured his life last year perfectly and the music represented his existence in 2019. 

''Great album The Last Supper very good since last year to date. Love to look at it as a personal time in my life were I needed to find out who is who? And I'm glad I know, dropping my new gift/album Forever this end of November,'' he tweeted.

All the best to all the musicians and we cannot wait to listen to their albums.

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