Top Cheri Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane!

Top Cheri Shared Her Performance From The 2019 Namibia Annual Music Awards Leaving Us All Nostalgic.

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Top Cheri, Namibia’s star, posted a video of her performance at the Namibia Annual Music Awards in 2019 causing us all to feel nostalgic. We are sure everyone remembers the award show and the amazing performance she gave that left us all mesmerized by her talent. 

She was sure to remind us of the awards she won that night as well. Top Cheri was nominated for and won Best Newcomer and Album of the Year award. Having attended the Namibia Annual Music Awards for the first time, performing that night and winning two awards must have been an amazing opportunity for her and we could not be prouder.

Top Cheri started her career as a journalist. She went on to enter the music industry when she became Mushe’s manager. She became a singer soon after. She has had expertise in a lot of creative fields, being a writer, actor, manager for artists, and eventually a singer herself. 

After deciding to focus on her music, she enjoyed fame and success upon the releases of many of her popular songs such as ‘Calling Heaven’, ‘Victoria’, ‘Hangover’ and ‘Goodman’. She has collaborated with other stars and continues to conquer the music industry. 

From imitating her favourite singers at her high school concerts to performing at award shows as well as winning multiple awards, it is truly inspiring to see the tremendous progress she has made. 

However, this success does not come easy. One can say, without a doubt, that she has worked hard to achieve all that she has. Along with her creative talents, her strength lies in marketing herself. Using social media as a marketing tool, she has made sure to leave an impact on her audience.

Captivating them with every post, she has worked hard to leave her mark in the industry. She continues to focus on her music as well as her brand Zuzu Fur. Of course, her audience encourages her in all that she has and this can be proved by the positive reaction she received on her post. 

Her fans commented on the post telling her just how great her performance was and how proud they are of her. This must have been a very nostalgic moment for everyone. We are sure that she remains as grateful as she had been on the day of the awards to be able to perform and win the awards. 

We’re sure we speak for everyone when we say that her post definitely brought back memories of her sensational performance and reminded us of her incredible talent. We can’t wait for her to perform at the awards once again and, fingers crossed, win some more awards

Despite her huge success, she remains humble. Posting the video with a caption to let her fans know that she was grateful for the opportunity. We love to see her grow but remain the down to earth person that she is! Wishing her success in all her future endeavors, this throwback post really showed how far she has come. 

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