Top Cheri Celebrates 1 Million Views For Calling Heaven

Namibia stand up because your girl has made history again!

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Top Cheri is having the best run of her music career yet and we are here for it. It is beautiful to see female musicians reaching major milestones in this male-dominated industry and it inspires many to keep on working hard and to know that their dreams are valid. 
The musician's Calling Heaven has been doing wonders on the charts since it was released. In just a year, the record has amassed over 1 million Youtube views, making her Namibia's first female artist, to reach this milestone, talk about levels.

The star took to her Twitter account to share news of her great achievement and thanked her fans. Top Cheri's fans have been crossing fingers that the video reaches 1 million views and finally the universe has responded.
To say Top Cheri has been making boss moves would be an understatement. The musician is closing off the year how she started it- winning! Top Cheri has been raising the bar high in the local music scene since she shot fame. With her latest album titled Tithe, she is definitely cementing herself as Namibia's favorite female rapper.

The musician recently dropped the 15 track album and her legion of fans have been giving it thumbs up.

The rapper who has been in the entertainment industry for several years now, has solidified herself as a household name with a legion of fans. Despite her wins, she is also sometimes subjected to hate on social media. Top Cheri has had to develop a thick skin on the mistreatment she continues to receive and she remains unshaken.

In a tweet on 26 November 2020, the rapper said a male hater once told her that she was ugly and she responded by saying it was all right and did not make noise about it.

Top Cheri who knows the struggle of a black girl recently went on a tour around Namibia where she donated sanitary products to Namibian school girls.

In a tweet, she highlighted that Namibian female artists can work on charity shows where they can donate some of the proceeds they make from the shows to fund for the buying of sanitary products that can be donated to schoolgirls in Namibia. ''I’m calling on all Female Artists. My dear Queens ... Let’s do Monthly shows to raise money that goes into buying sanitary items for girls in rural areas.'' she tweeted.

She also pointed out that fashion designers and nail technicians can contribute by letting their customers bring in pads for a discounted fee. The pads will be donated towards her initiative.

Congratulations Top Cheri.

Image Cred: Instagram @Top_Cheri

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