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TopCheri is one of Namibia’s finest acts it's no wonder fans diarise their first magical encounters with her. TopCheri took to her Instagram account with a pressing question about her fans first encounters with her be it physical or somewhere else.
“When was the very first time you heard about TopCheri/ met TopCheri /saw TopCheri…tell me your story?” asked TopCheri on Instagram. 
TopCheri posted an image of her in a mint green suit and a white top with black heels.

Instead of people answering her question some complimented her looks. Here are some of her comments.
@samson.jack: “Olaaaaa iriz waririz. the very first time I saw top cheri was in a movie with the PDK you guys hijacked a pastor’s car..”
@__cherry__049: “Used to be on my nerves back at school, I think she’s inspired but yeah I got to know @topcheri through her.”
@blackgold_nam: “The first time I heated about Topcheri was when the Victoria hit song rolled out into the streets of katutura, I’ve been a @topcheri fan since then.”
@Nalooliwa_m: “You use to write stories on Facebook joh I religiously followed them bt that was Monica not Topcheri.”
@eva_ndatipo: “The first time I heard about Topcheri before Monica was when you sang that song with Dion Victoria. Then I met you for the first time at NYC off Namibia in 2015 then I went to meet you again in person for a video shoot you wanted me to be part off.”
@_respect_the_beard_king_queen: “I don't know you as Top Cheri, I know you as Mo, Nangula from Captain Kalola, then boom Monica Asino Choir, Hallelujah church, then boom oka celeb aka TopCheri's.”
@ya_mbeka: “Chossss.”
@lydia_amutenya: “Very classy.”
@industry_1817: “Captain kalola kaana.”
@mj_blessing99: “Met top Cheri on the 24 February 2019 Walvis bay, took pictures and that was the best birthday gift ever. Such a humble and sweet soul
@runi_m_: “It’s giving mint and fresssh.”
@_caspper_lee_: “We meet at Bl^ckbox thrive.”
@saara_nd: “From captain kalola as Nangula and then in a music video with Dion "Victoria"
@kaunda_isaiah: “Lag, remember when we went to Otjiwarongo for your performance?? That was my 1st.... You look dope, ey.”
@lavi.___nia: ”Girrrrrrlll you'll burn us one day,it's too much.”

Top Cheri is one of the biggest names in the Namibian entertainment industry. She recently put a troll in its place who called her good looking. 

Responding with sarcasm she said, "You people keep letting your favs down by comparing them to TopCheri. Please do better. I’m allot of things but talented is not one of them … and I’m genuinely fine with that. Also yep .. Talent and Exposure… two very very different things."

This wouldn't be the first time she had to defend herself from Trolls. Top Cheri had to state that she works very hard to achieve all the things she has. 
"This is not nice. Feels like ya saying “undeserving”. I might not do your type of music, might not be your favorite singer but God knows I work so hard. I work extremely hard, and the brands I work with can testify. Also, I write damn good proposals, a lot of them get rejected though."
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