5 Times Top Cheri Trended For The Wrong Reasons

This did not look good at all.

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We are all looking forward to what one of our country’s leading female rappers has in store for her fans in the coming year. Top Cheri has no doubt become one of the top females that many look up to in the country. Her music has always drawn the crowds and she doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon to give great hits.

However, as a public figure one who's always in the spotlight, she has also been found on the wrong end of the stick. Remember that time when she was arrested? The countless times she's been beefing with fellow celebrities in the country have also seen her trending. 
Let us look back at some of the prominent events in Top Cheri's life that had everyone talking.

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Top Cheri called ugly

"You can never shake a girl who knows she is ugly" this was Top Cheri's perfect comeback to the man who called her ugly in November 2020. She further went on to say that she is used to haters calling her all sorts of names, but she doesn't care about them anymore as they are just cyberbullies who do not warrant her attention. 
Since this is not the first time Top Cheri was being trolled for her looks, the musician told the hater off, letting him know that he cannot shake her.

Here's how it all went down.

Lioness claps back at Top Cheri

Just as everyone was getting ready to welcome in the new year 2021, Top Cheri sent out a tweet insinuating that Lioness approached her former manager because she thought it was the manager who was doing wonders for her career. 
However, Lioness quickly responded by saying that she would address this issue off Twitter if Top Cheri were mature enough. She also stated that it was her manager who came to her and not the other way around. 

So what really happened?
Read the full story here.

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Maria Nepembe disses Top Cheri

The Twitter war raging between Top Cheri and Maria Nepembe over a picture where the former tweeted featuring KP Illest seemed to divide tweeps as they had their favorite artists backs.
However, Top Cheri was quick to shut it down, saying that everyone was allowed to have their favorites, and the whole issue was just blown out of proportion. 
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Top Cheri drops semi-nudes

Top Cheri blew up on social media when she posted pictures of herself in a black and grey bikini, soaking up the sun during her downtime. We’re sure the break was well-deserved. 

Her fans took to her Instagram page to let her know that she has a great body! Wanna see more pics?
Read the full story here.

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Top Cheri and Kaboy beefing 

Like most celebrities, Top Cheri used the Q&A section of her Instagram to interact with her fans. One burning question on most of their minds was her apparent strained relationship with Kaboy Kamakili. 
In response, she told her fans that hate was a very ugly word and that she doesn't do hate. 
Check out more on this and her other answers here.

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