Top Cheri's Wild Weekend

It can't get better than this

By  | Oct 24, 2021, 04:08 PM  | Top of The

Image of Top Cheri squatting wearing brown sweat shorts
Top Cheri has had a week and a half. It all started off by her going to the salon to get her hair done. We think this was in preparation for a big shoot she was having that same day as we see her on her stories putting on a face mask and being surrounded by camera crew.

The next day she put up a Tweet saying that she had just signed her biggest deal yet! We suspect that this could be a brand partnership with KFC as that same day she shared a story where she was taking pictures with the KFC team. This is amazing! You go girl. This also follows the big collaboration Gazza has with KFC who actually sponsored his whole album and provided the marketing budget as well. We hope Top Cheri got similar treatment with the brand.
Top Cheri started off her weekend driving down to the coast, Swakopmund, with her partner in crime Manxebe to perform at a football game. On their way there they are spotted at a Mugg and Bean having a bite. Top Cheri mentions on her story how Manxebe was complaining because they couldn't find a KFC to eat from. Apparently KFC is Manxebe's best eat out choice any day, any time.
Once they reached Swakop, Top Cheri and Manxebe headed to the beach to enjoy the little sun there was and views of the sea. She is seen laying on rocks taking pictures wearing a cozy pink jacket with casual shorts and a brown tee. They then went to have lunch with the team before her performance.

After lunch they arrived at the football field where they were greeted heartily by their fans. Top Cheri is spotted wearing an all black, fitting, fringe dress. This black number was perfect for her performance as the fringes/ruffles swayed from side to side as she danced with her backup dancers. One thing Top Cheri always delivers on is stellar performances. Her fans are heard cheering and singing along with the star as she stepped to the beat. The cherry on top of this performance was Manxebe casually joining in to perform with Top Cheri. Fans went wild and sang along with the duo as they delivered a killer performance. Hats off to these two. They surely know how to please a crowd.
Immediately after her performance, her and Manxebe jumped back onto the road to drive back up to Windhoek to attend DJ Alba's first annual event, Sunsets x Roses which was happening at The Catch Namibia. Apparently DJ Alba was completely surprised by her appearance. Top Cheri ended up performing at the big bash as a surprise performance. We absolutely stan just how much these ladies support each other. DJ Alba was so emotional about it and even ended up crying tears of joy. DJ Alba's event boasted all the top celebrities you can think of and they all looked like they had a blast. Fun was had as Top Cheri's fans were super excited to see her, even jumping on stage to jive with the queen.

We are so happy for her and wish her even more fun times this festive season.
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