Thuso Mbedu Will Not let Go Of Her American Accent!

Not anytime soon

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Thuso Mbedu is making everybody proud and witnessing her growth in the American acting space is a beautiful sight to see. Of course there will always be negativity but the star is not bothered. Thuso was a guest on Ellen DeGeneres' show to talk about her performance on the highly acclaimed Prime Video series called The Underground Railroad.

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The interview on Ellen DeGeneres Show, was done as a sit-down instead of the usual video interview.

Ellen commended her before starting off the interview.  "I can’t tell you how amazing you are. Oprah and I were talking about… And of course, loves the show. I was telling her that you were on today and were both in awe of you. You are incredible,” complimented Ellen.

Her interview gained a lot of traction especially a lot of hate but sis was not bothered. "I see a lot of you commenting about my accent, I'm not gonna get into it now but I just wanna say I have not started, that was just the beginning. What you hearing now are just some of the habits that I have picked up because of the type of people I hang out with," she laughed.

Mocking her haters she said she will decide to pull off an accent nobody saw coming, "People that day will cry out blood when I speak such an accent. Qhubekani!" which means you may continue.

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