These Are The Things DJ KBoz Has Learnt As A Producer

He is speaking facts

By  | Aug 22, 2021, 08:00 AM  | Top of the

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Music producer DJ KBoz has taken to Instagram to share with us what his lessons have been ever since he has been a producer in the entertainment industry.

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He said, "Be content. I've learnt so much in my years as a producer. Blessings only keep coming when you understand who you are and understand your purpose. Being content is the most important. It helps you grow and your success multiplying in ways you may never understand. Hope this video can help the next person. Bless"

Speaking on this very issue on a radio show, DJ KBoz said he has learnt not to compare his environment to everyone else's, "your success should be based on your environment. You need to learn to be satisfied and content. If you are not satisfied and content with the success that you're attaining from your environment, when you move into the next environment, you wont be able to even succeed because the people from that environment will not really see your sense of appreciation.

“I met a lot of big artists, a lot of bog producers and one thing they loved about working with me is that I was so content with my small numbers in Namibia and I always told them, I know I can do bigger but you guys don’t understand like this is like a baby. You’re nurturing your baby and youre watching your baby grow and I can come join you In Nigeria, I can come join you in Kenya, I can come join you in Australia but the Kboz name won’t be as big there as it is here and they came to appreciate that. 

“This is my turf so I have to protect my turf, if I leave, my turf dies…that’s the one thing I came to learn. Be content with what you have. Other things I came to learn is you gotta learn how to work with people and don’t treat everyone the same. You gotta be patient, very very patient, like patient patient, especially in Namibia, you have to be patient. 

“Don’t compare artists…don’t go around saying yea who who is better than who who, everyone has something different to offer and everyone has something different to contribute. You just have to be the person, be the channel that takes what everyone is contributing, perfect it and give it out there to the people”

The DJ has stolen the hearts of many people with his heart of gold and he has become a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought everything to a standstill, the DJ has advised creatives to continue working hard despite the struggles they are currently facing.

"Dear creatives. Keep creating. Use your hardships to inspire you. The best creations are made in times of desperation and darkness. What's happening now is a phase. When it's all over. Your creation will be out of this world. Trust me on this one"
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