Sunny Boy To Release A New Song On Gender Based Violence

He is advocating for the end of this vile act

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Gender-Based Violence is very rife in many parts of the world and it is the second pandemic the entire world is facing. Every single day women are reportedly raped, killed, and robbed of their lives sooner, and it is heart-warming to see our favorite celebs advocating for the end of these vile acts.

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One of Namibia's favorite stars who is against this GBV pandemonium is Sunny Boy, and he is doing more to voice out his disapproval of this vile act. Sunny Boy is well known for always raising the bar high when it comes to his music. The rapper is a Hikwa legend, a genre that fuses hip-hop and kwaito that he popularised and founded in Namibia.

His music always advocates for different things and it seems this year he is no stranger to that. In a post yesterday, the musician announced that he will soon be releasing a song to raise awareness on GBV.

The song features Staxx Major and many are already looking forward to its release date. Sunny Boy shared a snippet of the incomplete track and shared, "It’s hard fighting Violence towards women if only a few stand united. It is even harder doing it alone. But what’s worse is being completely silent. So this is ME! what are YOU doing about it?? (New song dropping soonest, don judge it’s still rough

Another musician who recently announced that he was working on a comprehensive education campaign to educate men on gender based violence is KP Illest. The award-winning star stated that he stands with women and that the campaign may not address all issues related to gender-based violence but a probable cause.

Namibia has been riddled with cases of men raping, murdering and abusing women. There have been a few documented cases of human trafficking too. KP Illest's initiative aims at helping to raise awareness and curb gender-based violence cases in Namibia.

''We are working on an educative campaign for our young men, this is not going to solve the problem I know but it will address a probable cause.'' he tweeted.

Sunny Boy who recently got back together with his baby mama following his cheating scandal was recently dragged on social media after he tweeted about rape. In a tweet, he wrote, "Sex with a woman without her consent is RAPE!! It is repulsive, it is Evil, it is unacceptable and it is WRONG".

Replying to his tweet, a tweep said "having sex with 13 women plus a baby mama is an abomination".

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