10 Fun Facts About Namibian Musician, Sunny Boy

His real name is Sunday

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Namibian musician, Sunny Boy
Sunny Boy is one of the most famous and most accomplished musicians in Namibia whose name is known in Namibia and beyond.

Here are a few fun facts about the Summertime hitmaker that will make you know him a little better and love him even more.

1. His real name is Sunday

Namibian musician- Sunny Boy, source: Instagram

Even though we all know him as Sunny Boy, this Hikwa musician’s name that the government knows him by is Pendukeni Andreas Sunday Shipushu.

According to the musician, the name Sunny was coined by his mother while he was growing up and he decided to stick with it.

2. He is a university graduate

Besides being one of the most talented Namibian musicians, Sunny Boy is also an intellectual.

He was a student at the University of Namibia where he met his counterparts Gazza and King Tee Dee. It was also at University that Sunny Boy began his music career.

3. He is originally from Oshakati

Although currently based in Windhoek, Sunny Boy’s origins are deeply rooted in Oshakati town in Oshana region where he was born 39 years ago. He was then raised in Ongwediva.

4. He is the king of Hikwa

Namibian musician, Sunny Boy is often regarded as the person behind the Hikwa genre of music in the country even though he has never claimed credit.

Hikwa is a fusion between hip-hop and kwaito where an artist raps in Kwaito. Sunny Boy has incorporated this style in his music since his early days in music.

5. He started singing in school

Sunny Boy, source: Instagram

Even though he officially released his music while at the university, Sunny Boy’s passion for music had begun years before when he used to perform at school concerts.

In high school, he was part of a musical group called Converse Boys and despite the group’s dream of making it in the industry, the group disbanded after one of its group members died.

6. He collaborated with Gazza on his first song

Sunny Boy became a Namibian sensational musician in 2004 after his hit song Koko with Gazza became a huge success.

Sunny Boy met Gazza at the University of Namibia where he was a student too. After hearing rap, Gazza, who was impressed by Sunny Boy’s talent, decided to collaborate with him.

7. Sunny Boy was the first artist to be signed by Mshasho production

After the success of his first hit, Gazza who had launched his music production label GMP, offered to sign Sunny Boy as one of his first talents but Sunny Boy turned down the offer.

He later got signed by King Tee Dee who had also started his label called Mshasho Productions and he was the first artist to be signed by Mshasho. His decision to decline to work with Gazza in favour of King Tee Dee was a source of conflict between Gazza and King Tee Dee, which to date has not been resolved.

8. He is a businessman

Sunny Boy also dabbles as a businessman and he is the owner of YAZIZA Entertainment which he founded in 2008 after leaving Mshasho.

He also owns Sunny Boy Clothing Brand which is a fashion brand that produces funky clothes for young people.

9. He is a family man

Sunny Boy's family, source: Instagram

Besides being a talented musician and a businessman, Sunny Boy is also a father of two beautiful children, a boy, and a girl.

The mother of his children is his beautiful wife Janine Nelaolange Iyambo. Sunny Boy’s relationship with Jeanine was previously rocked with lots of controversies including a very publicized cheating scandal but it appears that the two decided to put their past behind and after putting off their wedding several times, they finally got married in March 2022.

10. He won his first NAMAs awards in 2020

After 17 years of hard work, Sunny Boy finally won the best Kwaito award at the NAMAs for his song Bad neighbours which he collaborated with Kotokeni. 

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